Bath at War DVD




The programme provides a moving account of the bombing raids on Bath during the Second World War.

Bath’s civilian population was subjected to one of the fiercest onslaughts carried out against the West Country.

Spread over two successive nights in April 1942, Nazi Germany launched three devastating air raids on the city of Bath.

Over four-hundred people lost their lives and 19,000 buildings were damaged and some 1,200 totally destroyed.

To commemorate those dreadful events, this special 70th Anniversary edition of Bath At War Dvd tells the full harrowing story of one of the fiercest onslaughts ever suffered in the West Country.

Bath was targeted owing to its beauty and cultural heritage, in response to Allied attacks on historic German cities, such as Lubeck and Rostock.

The Luftwaffe ravaged the city, bombarding it with both incendiary and high explosive bombs, as well as machine-gunning the streets to hamper the work of the emergency services.

This programme contains not only the dramatic recollections of survivors, but also commentaries and reconstructions by eminent local historians.

Many locations in and around the city are visited, and the story is brought to life by the inclusion of rare contemporary colour film extracts, photographs and documents from both British and German archives.

The Bath Blitz Memorial Project received a royalty from every sale of the original video, released by local history specialists 1st Take in 2002, which contributed to the cost of erecting a fitting tribute to those who died in the raids.

This royalty is now paid to the Royal British Legion.

This special, newly re-mastered version includes evocative footage from the 70th Anniversary Service of Remembrance on 22nd April 2012 held in front of the memorial at the Royal Avenue entrance to Victoria Park.

Approx. 70 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – 1st Take.