An Era of Transition Dvd




Classic Diesel & Electric Traction.

The 1960s and early 1970s were a period of transition on the network.

Steam was gradually displaced by diesel and electric power, liveries were undergoing constant change, while finally the TOPs scheme renumbered the motive power fleet.

This programme presents a portrait of the transitional era between 1960 and 1976.

It includes freight at Garsdale.

Carlisle diesels in the late 1960s.

Co-Bo 57xx on Shap.

Claytons at Carnforth.

D400s (Class 50s) at Carlisle and over Shap.

The East Coast Main Line through Hitchin, Stevenage and Hatfield including D1512 and ‘Kestrel’ plus other power.

E.E. Type 4s and ‘Deltics’ at York.

The Looe Branch with DMUs.

Southern EMUs at Isfield.

DMUs in the North West.

DEMUs at Alresford.

D4502 on Tinsley Hump.

Dover Harbour branch.

Western Type 1s.

Far North lines.

West Highland Type 1s to Fort William.

Class 27 double headers.

E.E. Type 4s to Aberdeen.

North East Scotland branches.

Class 33 on Allhallows Branch.

Vintage Southern in 1960 and 1967.

D84xx diesels.

Brush Type 2s.

E.E. Type 4s at Stratford.

Swindon Works.

Steam to the rescue.

‘Hymek’s, Warships and Westerns, on the Western.

Reading in 1970.

‘Falcon’ in service.

The Era of Blue with 37s, 46s, 40s, 33s in 1976.

The First HSTs.

Approx. 55 minutes.

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