Steam Across Moors and Rivers DVD




The Beauty of Steam Collection – Steam Across Moors and Rivers DVD

In the north-eastern part of England there are places where the rails have lain for more than two centuries – in the “Cradle of Railways”.

The engineers such as George Stephenson were artists as much as engineers.

Nowhere can the ribbons of steel have been more instrumental in the formation of the scenery, except perhaps in England’s Twin cities, Liverpool and Manchester, which are forever linked by the railway which literally changed the world.

When Stephenson’s iconic “Rocket” won the Rainhill Trials in 1829 it was its glorious appearance that endeared it to the people as much as its power, but even he could hardly have envisaged the way that civilisation would thereafter be defined as “Before” or “After” the coming of the railways.

From the North Yorkshire Moors to the River Mersey, steam has been part of the very essence of life here and the beauty of the steam locomotive enhances its historical heritage.

This classic re-issue of footage from a DVD first released in 2018 contains superb film of steam locomotives at work – from over three decades past – in the landscapes that they helped to create …and is a stunning reminder of the lasting Beauty of Steam.

Approx. 53 minutes.

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