Railways of North East Switzerland Dvd

North East Switzerland may not be as well-known as other, more spectacular, parts of the   country but it contains some wonderful scenery and many fascinating railways. All are faithfully recorded and beautifully portrayed in this one-hour documentary programme.

From the major railway centre of Zürich the main line of the Swiss Federal Railway heads south east along the shores of Zürichsee and Walensee. It carries many international trains, most of them destined for Austria through the gateway at Feldkirch. Further north the SBB line skirts the Bodensee before following the Rhine to Schaffhausen at the north west tip of the region covered by this dvd.

Appenzell lies at the heart of this area. The old town nestles in the alpine foothills which rise rapidly towards some impressive mountains dominated by Säntis at 2500 metres above sea level. The area is served by the charming metre gauge Appenzellerbhan. Trains are rack assisted over the tougher sections.

Three other railways climb toward the mountains. The Trogenbahn, Rorschach-Heiden-Bergbahn and the Rheineck-Walzenhausen-Bergbahn all reach their lofty destinations in very different ways. The Bodensee-Toggenburg, Südostbahn and the Mittel-Thurgau-Bahn are all standard gauge railways which carry passengers in colourful trains across the region. All have interesting old and new locomotives and rolling stock.

The Forchbahn and the Frauenfeld-Wil-Bahn are more like rural tramways than conventional Railways and their modern railcars are amongst the latest in rapid transit technology.

The golden era of railways is represented by the nostalgic Orient Express which has its home in Zürich and the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express which crosses North East Switzerland twice weekly connecting Paris and Venice by the Arlberg route.

The Railways of North East Switzerland is a superb record of travel by train in one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland.

Approx. 60 minutes.

Programme by John Cocking.

Sold with full permission of the copyright holder - Videolines.

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