Swiss Federal Railways Dvd, Part 2

Swiss Federal Railways - Volume 2 Dvd by John Cocking.

In the first volume of Swiss Federal Railways the Lausanne division and part of the area covered by the division in Luzern were examined.

This volume covers the remainder of the Luzern division and the division located in Zurich. This dvd begins in Basel where many different locomotives are at work and all kinds of trains from mundane suburban services to long distance international expresses are paraded before the camera. Freight is not forgotten and the country's major terminal at Muttenz is visited.

Olten is an extremely important crossroads between the main north/south and east/west routes across Switzerland. Many different locomotives and trains are seen in action from ancient Ae 4/7s to a brand new Re4/4 460 on test.

This dvd also follows the main line towards Bern and Interlaken where trains are seen in typical Swiss scenery and in glorious summer weather.

The line from Basel to Zurich is also followed and even steam comes into the picture at Rheinfelden where a venerable and beautifully restored ex-SBB steam locomotive is seen in action.

The new double-deck S-Bahn trains around Zurich are seen in various places and Oerlikon is visited in order to take a look at trains heading into and out of Switzerland's largest city.

History is not overlooked and SBB's wonderful Ce6/8 II and Ae8/14 locomotives are seen in action on the Gotthard line.

The dvd contains a superb cross section of all kinds of trains to be found on the Swiss Federal Railway network.

Narration by Rod McCaffery.

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