Swiss Federal Railways Dvd, Part 1

Swiss Federal Railways - Volume One Dvd by John Cocking.

The popular conception of Swiss Federal Railways is one of plain green Re4/4 II locomotives hauling strings of plain green coaches but nothing could be further from the truth. In this programme you will see the stunning new Re 4/4 460 and its predecessor, the Re 4/4 IV. Passenger cars from many different European nations glide through the awesome Gotthard scenery and wind their way around the Lake of Geneva. Colourful freight trains behind Re 6/6s and Ae 6/6s thunder through the mountains interspersed with local trains behind Re 4/4 Is.

The preserved TEE Gotthardo unit is seen on the spirals at Wassen and TGVs sweep into Switzerland through Vallorbe.

It's not only the large locomotives and heavy trains which make up this programme. There is a myriad of tiny Tm and Te shunters and larger yard machines at work all over the system.

The historical side of SBB is not forgotten. Many of the preserved machines are paraded before the camera including a Be 4/7, De 6/6 crocodile, Be 4/6 and Ae 3/6I.

The area covered by this programme includes the Lausanne division and part of that covered by Luzern. The remainder features in Volume Two, together with more of the Swiss Federal Railway's preserved locomotives.

Narration by Greville Socket.

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