Railways Along the Rhine Dvd

Railways Along The Rhine Dvd by John Cocking.

From its North Sea outlets in Rotterdam and Amsterdam to its source 1,320 kilometres away in the Swiss Alps the River   Rhine has railways for company.

This one-hour dvd follows the great waterway and shows the Dutch, German, French, Austrian and Swiss which cross it and run along its banks. There’s interest traffic on the river itself, of course, and the scenery is magnificent. In the central Rhine area from Koln to Mainz the deep river runs through a narrow valley strewn with medieval fortresses. Freight trains thunder along the east bank and EuroCity, Intercity and local passenger trains lean to the sharp curves of the west bank.

It’s possible to board the EuroCity Rembrandt in Amsterdam and travel virtually the whole length of the river to Chur in Switzerland. From there to Disentis, near the source of the river, it’s just a sixty minute journey in a narrow gauge train of the Rhatische Bahn. This programme takes a more diverse method of travel.

Significant places of interest are visited along the way and the great variety of trains which come into contact with the Rhine – from the fireless steam locomotives of a power station to the great international expresses – are shown in detail.

Narration by John Cocking.

Approx. 60 minutes.

This dvd is sold with full permission of the copyright holder - Videolines.

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