Peninsular Steam Dvd

This dvd contains a wealth of historical film from Spain and Portugal taken in 1957, 1960, 1962 and 1969.

Scenes from ten privately owned narrow gauge and industrial lines in Spain now mostly closed with such classes of Loco as: San Feliu 0-6-2Ts, Olot-Gerona 2-6-0T and 2-6-2T, Asland 0-4-0Ts, F.F.C.C. Catalanes 2-6-0T and 0-6-0T, Mallorca 0-6-0T and 2-6-2T, Onda Al Grao 0-6-0T, Carcagente – Denia 0-6-0T and 4-4-0ST and Alcoy-Gandia 2-6-2Ts.

The 204km Ojos-Negros A Sagunto with it’s 4107 feet summit and heavy ore trains hauled by first a 4-8-0 then 0-6-6-0 Mallet and 2-6-2 and 2-6-2 Garrat. Ride on the train from the brake van and from on top of the loco cab. 0-6-2Ts shunt the yard at Los Ojos Negros whilst another 0-6-6-0 Mallet departs. The F.C. Utrillas A Zaragoza produces an ex-Tunisian Railways 2-6-6-0T Mallet and ex-F.F.C.C. Vascongados 2-6-0.

Portugal, a living museum for steam, sees Narrow Gauge Locos from as early as 1889, still working trains. Immaculately kept 0-6-0Ts, 2-6-0Ts, 2-4-6-0T Mallets, 0-4-4-0T Mallets, 2-8-2T and 4-6-0Ts. Régua mixed gauge and Porto Contumil depots show off their pristine inside and outside cylinder 2-6-4Ts, 4-6-0s, 2-8-0s and 2-8-4Ts. The metre gauge lines to Chaves, Braganca, Duas Igrejas, the ‘Porto Suburban’ Espinho and Aveiro to Viseu are seen with lineside and depot shots. The Santa Comba Dão area is visited with main line passenger and freight hauled by 4-6-0s on the line to Coimbra.R.E.N.F.E. broad gauge steam features the following classes: Central of Aragon 4-6-2 and 2-6-4 Garratts at work, 141Fs, 242Fs, the various types of 241F and 240F, 2-8-2 tank, industrial locos at Penarroya, 0-6-0, 2-8-0, 2-8-2 and 2-8-2 Garratts and 0-8-0s.

Locos from as far afield as Pamplona, Castejon de Ebro, Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, Salamanca, Arroyo de la Luz, Merida, Cordoba, Ciudad Real, Soria, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Mora la Nueva, St. Vicenç de Castellet and Martorell.

Approx. 60 minutes.

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