Bosnia Heavy Haul 2013 Dvd: Last Kriegslok Hauled 2,000 Ton Coal Trains

Everyday workings of Europe's last Kriegslok hauled 2,000 ton coal trains and 760mm steam operation.

There are no charters or run pasts here.

There is however the everyday slog of Kriegslok 2-10-0s hauling coal trains of up to 2,500 tons.

Sun, snow, mist and rain all conspire to present atmospheric scenes from a week-long filming experience.

The 760mm gauge is covered with steam and some diesel operation along with a few Bosnian (ZFHB) standard gauge diesels hauling coal trains.

Short sections of archive film from the 1960s compare the classes then at work with those still operating in 2013.

With over a foot of snow lying, this programme opens in Zagreb's railway museum and then follows events as they unfold.

Three Kriegsloks were at work, 33 064, 503 and 504.

Two routes are involved, Dubrave to the exchange sidings at Ljubace with a Kriegslok seen on the state railway system along with scenes at Bukinje works.

The second lies between Sikulje and Lucavac.

This involves an incline that would put any loco to the test.

The full length of many of the trains are filmed.

Extensive coverage of the narrow gauge sees 0-8-2 number 85 158 at Banovici, en-route to and at work in Oskova yard and washery hauling and shunting trains of up to 500 tons.

Unhurried, the narrow gauge footage savours the uniqueness of this, the remaining 760mm gauge.

Zenica mine sees 62 633 in steam along with other withdrawn 62s at other locations.

Remarkable it may seem, but here in Bosnia in 2013, a quirk of history allows the enthusiast to film everyday steam hauling the heavy trains they were built for.

Relive the past today.

It's the only remaining location in Europe you can.

Widescreen format with archive footage in 4:3. 16 bit Dolby stereo.

Approx. 1 hour 23 minutes.


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