Sunrise Sunset UK Dvd: Part 6, A Day at Rugeley Trent Valley

Sunrise Sunset UK spends a full day at a busy and popular location, recording a typical day of passenger and freight trains.

124 miles north of London Euston and 277 miles south of Glasgow on the West Coast Main Line is the station of Rugeley Trent Valley.

Located in the county of Staffordshire, this small three-platform station is only served by local trains but is an ideal location to observe and record passenger and freight trains along what is a very busy high-speed four-track section of the WCML.

With six Pendolinos/Voyagers tearing through every hour in each direction, this is a great location for freight, with more than 60 trains passing within 24 hours on a typical weekday.

The sixth programme in the Sunrise Sunset UK series spends a day at Rugeley Trent Valley.

Filmed on a fine day in June 2016, DB Cargo, Freightliner, GBRf and DRS freight trains make up the bulk of the programme.

Highlights include:

90049 on the Inverness-Euston sleeper.

Two 68s on the Tesco train.

Six different Freightliner Class 70s plus 66s, 86s and 90s.

GBRf Caledonian Sleeper-liveried 92023 on a car train.

Various DBC 66s on containers, engineers and sand trains.

Plus three Class 325 EMUs on mail trains.

Two tamping machines.

Plus surprise of the day - LMS Jubilee Class 46599 'Galatea' on a move from Carnforth to Southall.

Completing the scene a few images of Pendolinos, Voyagers and London Midland Class 153 and 170 DMUs and Class 350 EMUs.

Of all the titles in the series so far this is without doubt the fastest!

So much more than train after train running past the camera.

Includes maps and an informative and interesting commentary.

Approx. 75 minutes.

Produced by - Train Crazy

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Train Crazy - Videoscene.

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