Riding the ROG Class 37/8 Thrash Bash Railtour Dvd: Part 1, Derby/Hereford

Part One: Covers the Derby - Leicester - Birmingham - Nuneaton - Worcester - Hereford section.

One of the Railtour highlights of 2016 was the Rail Operations Group 'Class 37/8 Thrash Bash' tour.

This was only the second Railtour operated by ROG and the first using locos and stock and what a pair of locos they were - Class 37s, 37800 + 37884.

Salvaged from the scrap line and returned to the mainline, both are operated by Europhoenix and painted in their stunning red and grey livery.

Neither had worked a passenger train for decades making this Railtour something special.

Starting out from Derby, as the 'Thrash Bash' title may suggest, the idea was to work the locos hard, so they took in many gradients including the Lickey and this was an out-and-back circular route via Birmingham, Hereford and Worcester.

The train load was ten coaches and a Class 47 on the back!

With almost five-hundred people on board, over a thousand more were line side, recording this special occasion.

Filmed with the full permission of ROG, our cameras were on board for the day and the full seven hours of daylight running was recorded.

With a few short showers early on, it blossomed into a gorgeous day of lovely sunshine and delightful autumn colours!

With our special 'thrash' cam in the back cab of the second loco, not only is this a noisy cab ride, the route itself is quite amazing, from mainline running in Birmingham; to the single line through the Malverns; tunnels, signal boxes and superb lower quadrant semaphores - this Railtour really did have it all!

On two discs.

Approx. 210 minutes (3 hours 30 minutes).

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Train Crazy - Videoscene.

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