Secrets of Blea Moor & Ribblehead Dvd

There is more fascination about the great viaduct at Ribblehead than any other facet on the wonderful Settle-Carlisle Railway; thousands of visitors a year park-up or ride the train to Ribblehead just to view the awe inspiring structure.

This dvd explores the incredible achievement by the engineers and navvies of the mid Victorian period who designed and built the structure at Ribblehead and the legendary tunnel at Blea Moor.

We hear from men who work the desolate signalbox at Blea Moor and from families who lived in the railway houses nearby.

We also talk to the 20th century engineers who had the task of renovating the viaduct in the early 1990s which actually resulted in the saving of the whole line.

We investigate the remains of the navvy camps and brick works at nearby Batty Green and the spoils of the engineering works on the site.

Approx. 55 minutes.

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