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Like a regal matron that, in elegantly accepting the ageing process that comes to us all in bidding farewell to the slim, sleek looks of our youth, so the Queen Elizabeth 2 has entered the fourth decade of her career having matured with an ease and grace that belies her years.

Conceived with the future in mind by men of vision who swam against the tide of traditional thinking in ship design, the QE2 was soundly built to be versatile.

Achieving her destiny admirably, this great liner has now caught up with the future that had been anticipated for her and extensively refitted to enable her to compete with much younger ships for years to come.

Whether plying the vigorous waters of the North Atlantic between the Old and New Worlds in the summer season or sailing to exotic ports in the winter, the Queen Elizabeth 2 is, indeed, ‘A Ship For All Seasons’.

Widely regarded today as the most famous ship sailing in the world, the QE2 creates enormous interest wherever she goes and in whatever she does.

So popular is this ship that a huge new Cunarder is being planned to emulate her success on the Atlantic run.

The purpose of the updated edition of this book – as with its predecessor – is to provide an historical background – whilst including some of the events that have befallen her – as to why and how the QE2 was built, how she has adapted to change, what she has achieved and what she has survived!

David F Hutchings 2002 (Author).

Chapters: A Ship For All Seasons, Do or Die, Building For The Future, Fourteen To One, The Element of Risk, Trials & Triumph, The Best, Royal Approval, Serenity, Security & Storm, Echoes of War, The Brightest Star on the Ocean, A Second Career, Propellers to the Fore, Anniversaries & Accolades, A Cruise of Celebration, An Anniversary Fit for a Queen, Rescues & Remembrance, Rumours & Rocks, Towards a Third Decade, D-Day & Disappointments, Transmutation to Magnificence, Storms Abating & Arising, Sailing On, For Sale – Or Good for Thirty Years?

A fully updated edition of this popular history first published in 1988.

The liner’s more recent modifications and refits are explained in detail by the author with many new colour and black & white photographs of Britain’s most famous flagship.


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