Cargo Ships & Tankers Dvd, Part 1

Amateur Film.

This is the first in a new series on Cargo Ships, Tankers and Container Ships.

The first two parts are of the Golden Years, which we consider to be between 1930 and 1975 by which time container ships and super tankers ruled the waves.

Some of the film is in black/white and the rest is in colour.

It has been made from old cine, digitalized and taken by seafarers, passengers and onlookers.

It was compiled by Joe Clark who also narrates the film.

Richard Clack identified the ships.

Included with the dvd is a 12 page, A5 paperback ‘Booklet of Explanation & Details’ .

As it is not always possible to give sufficient detail in the narrative of this dvd we have produced a booklet which it is hoped will give you more information on individual ships that we have identified.

The information within the booklet has been sourced from various reference books by Richard Clack and Joe Clark who produced this film.

The ships named below are the names given to the ships on their maiden voyage, further name changes are included within the booklet.


American President Lines, Ames Victory, Argentina, Astrea, AT & J Brocklebank Ltd, Atlantik.

Belmar, Bernina, Brennero, Briseis, British Earl, Bulimba.

Calchas, Camito, Canton, Cardiganshire, Carmen, Castor, Cavina, Chantilly, Chicanoa, Cilicia, City of New York, Clan Allan, Clan MacFarlane, Clan

Mactavish, Clan Ramsey, Clan Ranald.

Delftdijk, Delmas Cargo Ship, Devanha, Dongola.

Egori, El Mirlo, Esso Warwickshire, Eurybates, Excalibur.

Felicie, Ferngulf, Finnmerchant.

Golfito, Good Hope Castle.

Hamburg, Hoogkerk.

Imperio, Inventor.

Jade II, Jaladharati, Japanese ‘K’ Line, Jin Sha, Johannes Maersk.

King Henry, Kinpurnie Universal.

Linguist, Litva.

Majestic, Maloya, Manchester Spinner, Manchester Trader, Marienfels, Mashobra, Medea, Mersey Coast

P&O Cargo Ship, Papanui, Pasadena, Patonga, Perim, Poltava, Priamos, Pyrrhus.

Ranchi, Riebeeck Castle, Rocroi, Ruahine.

Salmara, Sao el Furat, Shillong, Shosei Maru, Somali, Steel Vendor, Steenkerk, Suncorona, Surrey.

Taurus, Tjiluwah, Toscana.

United Fruit Company Cargo Ship, USS Mattaponi.

Waiwera, Western Prince.

Zaankerk, Zeyales.

Plus some unidentified vessels.

Joe first went to sea as a passenger in 1947 and again in 1952 before joining the Orient Line as a Cadet Purser, he left the sea and married in 1962, going into a successful career in Banking before retiring in 2004.

With a lot of help from Richard Clack and Mick Hymans he has made over thirty films on ships since then.

Richard Clack grew up in Gravesend, where his favourite hobby was to watch the ships coming and going out from the major London Ports.

He walked the entire docklands from Tilbury right up to the Pool of London in the '60s taking photographs of the wonderful array of different ships.

In 1968 he started work as a Water Clerk, boarding ships in the London Docks and Creeks.

His career dealing with ships and their cargoes spread from London to East Anglia, Nigeria, the Medway and Southampton.

He now lives at the very top of mainland Britain at Dunnet Head, where he continues to watch and photograph all types of shipping busily passing along Pentland Firth.

Neither he nor Joe would wish to be away from ships and the sea for very long.

Approx. 55 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Joe Clark Films.

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