Yanks (GIs) Over Here!: Replica Memorabilia Pack

This pack makes a great present, or better still buy two and keep one for yourself.


Short Guide To Great Britain Booklet: Preparing US troops for ‘Britishness’. Gems include 'Ask for braces instead of suspenders' and 'Never criticise the King'.

Yank Weekly: An abridged copy of the tub thumping Yank Weekly, stuffed with articles and photos of US troops in the European theatre of war, Gripping Stuff.

Dance: Dance halls evoke the sights and sounds of US troops in the UK. An invitation to a Welcome Dance of Stoke Town Hall strikes the right note. Strictly Jitterbug.

Letters: Unique insight into life during WWII in the words of an American based in England, along with Eisenhower's stirring address to the troops on the eve of D-Day.

Red Cross Leaflets: Informative material from the US Red Cross for troops on service. Photos, descriptions of club facilities and entertainments to keep homesickness at bay.

Passes: Getting around the UK amid strict security was difficult so these passes were indispensable.

Miscellaneous Cards & Images: A collection of images and photos of American servicemen in ‘Blighty’.

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information. Items may be subject to change.

This replica pack is both fascinating in content and brilliantly reproduced.

Designed, printed and collated in the UK.

Each item is carefully scanned and printed as close to the original as possible, resulting in a carefully selected mix of items, producing a sense of ‘being there’ for the reader.

Folded within a clear, plastic presentation pack.

Pack Size: 19 x 12 x 2cms.

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Price: £6.99

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