Women’s War: Replica Memorabilia Pack

This pack makes a great present, or better still buy two and keep one for yourself.


Wartime Recipes: Tasty dishes served up by the Hailsham WVS, such as Beetroot Jelly and Mock Goose.

‘A Women's Place’ Pamphlet: Everything you need to know about the ATS down to ‘You are not obliged to wear Army underwear, but since it is attractive most members do’!

Life in the WRNS Booklet: Fabulous booklet on life at sea, possibly through rose tinted spectacles. “Loneliness and homesickness cannot live in such conditions”.

Miscellaneous Images: A ‘hotch potch’ of evocative images on the women’s war effort.

Letter and Personal Ephemera: A unique glimpse of wartime Britain in the words of a nurse.

WAAF Leaflet: Information enrolment flyer on a wide range of careers, along with photos and rates of pay.

Women’s Land Army Flyer: Synonymous with the war effort, the ‘Land Girls’ were vital to food production. This gives advice on life in the country such as “parties should be left until the weekend”.

Home Companion Magazine: A sixteen-page great wartime read, packed with adverts, cooking, beauty and fashion tips. All for 2d.

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information. Items may be subject to change.

This replica pack is both fascinating in content and brilliantly reproduced.

Designed, printed and collated in the UK.

Each item is carefully scanned and printed as close to the original as possible, resulting in a carefully selected mix of items, producing a sense of ‘being there’ for the reader.

Folded within a clear, plastic presentation pack.

Pack Size: 19 x 12 x 2cms.

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