Thumper Returns Dvd: DEMUs

This programme takes a look into the preserved 6 car DEMU 1001 which ran on the Hastings line from London.

We visit St. Leonards Depot which is home to Hastings Diesel Limited whom have preserved the unit and run it.

Then look at some of the rail tours in which was completed after the restoration was completed in 2008 including Folkestone Harbour.

As an added bonus we feature another preserved Thumper: 1101 at East Kent Railway.

This programme features the first commercial public run of the narrow bodied vintage DEMU from Hastings, Victoria and Folkestone Harbour after major safety updates work.

Six cameramen cover the journey in all areas, edited together.

The whole route of the journey which took place on 21st December 2008.

The four-car ‘Hastings’ unit ran with a standard width buffet car and was fully booked up.

At Folkestone it made the usual photo dummy departure.

It surprised our London film-makers by being thirty-minutes early.

This programme also features Thumpers on long closed stations including Andover Town, Barcombe Mills and Isfield.

A visit to the Hastings Diesels Limited Works sees the new fittings of door locks etc.

A test run and a private run to London and Bournemouth in June 2008 is also seen.

Produced 2009.

Approx. 44 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of Online Video.

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