Miniature Railways of South East Dvd, Part 2: Eastbourne, Faversham & Hastings Miniature Railways

This is the second in a series covering the many varied miniature railways in the South East of England.

Starting with Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway (EMSR)– a family run miniature railway that took an ex-fireman brave courage to ensure it was open within a small time frame.

We then follow on to Faversham Miniature railway which is unique within its own right to be able to state that it is the only 9 inch gauge public miniature railway in the UK.

The to finish – Hastings Miniature Railway which runs along the seafront of this historic Sussex Town.

Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway

Tunnel, Suspension Bridge, two platforms, engine shed, carriage shed, turntable.

No. 914 Eastbourne: Southern Railways Schools Class Locomotive

No. 3802: GWR Class 38XX

No. 4039 Rachel : LMS Fowler 4F

No. 5156 Ayrshire Yeomanry: LMS Class Five

No. 6172 Royal Green Jackets: LMS Royal Scot Class Locomotive

No. 70000 Britannia: BR Britannia Class 7P

D3015: BR 08 Shunter Battery Electric Locomotive

D6000 The Eleventh Duke of Devonshire: BR Class 37

Eastbourne Herald: BR Class 35

Faversham Miniature Railway

Five petrol hydraulic locomotives featured:

No. 5: 31466 EWS Livery

No. 6 Fran: BR Class 03 Green Livery

No. 10: Jasmine BR Blue Livery

No. 14: Lady Fiona 20077 BR Green Livery Class 20

No. 16: EWS Livery Class 31 31366

Hastings Miniature Railway

Rock-a-Nore Station to Marine Parade Station

Six diesel hydraulic locomotives featured:

No. 1 Princess Swee’ Pea: DH Tender Engine, Maroon livery

No. 2 Jerry Lee: Intercity Class 47, DM Bobo Intercity Livery

No. 4 Speedy Fizzle: DH Bobo Black Livery, Yellow Stripes

No. 5 Uncle Jim: Silver & Red Livery

No. 7 Tilby: Built to resemble Toby the Tram from Thomas the Tank Engine series

Sir Duke

Approx. 55 minutes.

Please note: There is no sound recording between 30 - 32 minutes and 46 – 49 minutes into the programme.

This product is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of Heritage in Motion.

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