Liners We Once Loved Dvd, Part 3: Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth

Amateur Film.

The Atlantic Queens - Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth.

This is the third dvd in the series ‘Liners We Once Loved’.

Each programme in this series concentrates on one or in this case two of the old liners that once crossed the oceans carrying passengers, cargo and mail to and from all parts of the globe.

All film is taken from converted cine film taken by well-wishers, passengers, crew members and in this case some old professional film taken over seventy years ago in black and white.

The condition of the film varies in quantity some of which is not too good but none the less worthy to be included.

Quite a lot of the clips have been shown before in other films Joe Clark has made but some of the material is new.

The idea being to bring all the material together to concentrate on these particular ships.

The ‘Queen Mary’ and ‘Queen Elizabeth’ were both built by Brown on Clydebank.

The ‘Queen Mary’ was 80,774 GRT when built and launched in 1934.

The ‘Queen Elizabeth’ was 83,673 GRT and launched in 1938.

Both ships saw service as troopships during the Second World War.

The ‘Queen Mary’ is now preserved as a Hotel and Museum in Long Beach, California.

The ‘Queen Elizabeth’ burnt out in Hong Kong Harbour whilst being converted to a university and was scrapped.

Approx. 50 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Joe Clark Films.

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