Cruising in the 20th Century Dvd, Part 2

Amateur Film.

Part 2: The Golden Era - 1960s

In this series of programmes we are looking at cruising during the 20th Century.

Part Two features three typical cruises in the 1960s.

At this time most cruises were aboard ships that spent most of their time doing line voyages.

But the competition from air travel was already beginning to bite and the shipping companies were looking for new ways to fill their ships, by adding more exotic ports along the way, or by cruising more often, not only from the UK but also from ports abroad such as San Francisco and Sydney.

Passengers also booked line voyages as a round trip, thus turning it into what for them was indeed a cruise.

The film has been collected over the years by Joe Clark, who himself served for eight years with the Orient Line, later P&O/Orient Lines.

He also travelled as a passenger in the forties and fifties.

Now retired Joe and his wife Queenie, cruise whenever time and resources permit.

Part Two features the following ships:
Andes, Arcadia
Oronsay and various passing shipping.

Ports of call and places of interest featured include:
Cairo and the Pyramids, Colombo, Copenhagen
Hong Kong, Honolulu
Long Beach (including Anaheim Disney and the Colombia Studios)
Malmo, Manilla, Mount Lavinia
Port Said
San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney
The Transit of the Suez Canal
Valetta, Vancouver

Narrated by Joe Clark.

Approx. 58 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Joe Clark Films.

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