Jigsaw Puzzle: Butlin’s in Skegness

Where it all started, Billy Butlin's holiday camp opened in 1936.

Great holiday memories and just like in the picture you were allowed to climb all over the fountain!

(Health & Safety not quite so restrictive then)

Artist - Edmund Oakdale (dates unknown)

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) quad royal poster issued 1937

1000 Pieces

Cellophane wrapped box

Approx. 68.5cm x 49cm

The History of Railway Posters.
Marketing using art occurred throughout the past 150 years.
In the days of no Internet and no photographs, art was the prime means of communication information.
Railway companies in Britain recognized this, as they developed from the mid-19th century on-wards.
Throughout the 20th century a plethora of great artists portrayed railway scenes, places of interest and travel information in a way that photographs today cannot.
They were works of art, as well as the social commentary of their day, and have now become very collectable.
We are fortunate that many produced from 1890 on-wards were saved and can be viewed at the National Railway Museum, York.
This authentic digitally enhanced poster puzzle image comes from the colourful Poster to Poster series of books by Richard Furness.
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