Jigsaw Puzzle: Circling the Square at Bournemouth

'Circling The Square At Bournemouth' is a most striking highly detailed painting by Robin Pinnock the print of which was the fastest selling limited edition print that Rothbury's produced.

This fine jigsaw is already a best seller and will give many hours of enjoyment of putting it together.

The Bournemouth trolleybuses had taken over from the trams in the 1930s and became the mainstay of public transport until 1969.

Their striking yellow and maroon livery was a sight to behold in 'The Square' where many of the routes converged.

Authentic in every detail, the painting shows life in the early 1960s which is just as well as 'The Square' is now pedestrianized and the trolleys are just a part of Bournemouth's history.

Re-Issued 2014.

Artist - Robin Pinnock

1000 Pieces

Cellophane wrapped box

Approx. 66cm x 50cm

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