Overland: Example of one of 54 card faces

Humans have an inbuilt desire, a ‘wanderlust’, to explore.

Today, we also have a necessity to travel by vehicle to journey to work, to run errands, or simply to meet with others who live some distance away.

The history of land transport begins with ‘beasts of burden’ and the development of the wheel.

Yet it was the 18th and 19th centuries which saw the giant scientific leaps in technology.

Vehicles powered by steam, electricity and the internal-combustion engine.

Stronger, lighter materials, road improvements and mass-productions methods all played a critical part, as they still do today.

This deck of 54 illustrated playing cards follows the evolutionary journey of overland human transport and can be used to play all popular cards games.

A delightfully illustrated pack including icons such as the Ford Pickup, the Mini, the E-type, the London Routemaster bus and many more!

Each card features a different illustration.

Please note: Excludes rail, track and cable, these can be found in the companion pack of cards: ‘History of  Transport - By Rail’.

These cards are being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Heritage Playing Card Company.

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