By Air: *Pack of Playing Cards

The dream of human flight is as old as civilisation itself.

Man has always been fascinated by flight.

Here is a collection of flying machines which have evolved over the centuries from the time of Leonardo Da Vinci to the present day.

Starting with legends of the Gods and superhuman, the search to invent machines that could take us safely into the air and then on into space has preoccupied the minds of some of the world’s greatest thinkers, scientists and engineers for thousands of years.

This deck of 54 illustrated playing cards tells the story of aviation milestones, it is a fact and fun-filled celebration of human air transport.

It follows the great and dangerous journey of discovery, from man-lifting kites to paragliders, balloons to Concorde, the Wright Brothers to Yuri Gagarin.

Buy two packs of the same design and play 'Picture Snap'.

Each card features a different illustration:

Aerocar Model I
Airbus 380
Alexander the Great & Gryphoplane
Avion III (Aquilon, Eole III)
Bleriot XI Monoplane
Boeing 307 Stratoliner
Boeing 707
Breitling Orbiter 3
Cessna 172/Skyhawk
De Havilland Biplane
De Havilland Comet
De Havilland Float Plane
Dirigible, Steam Powered Airship
Double Eagle II
Douglas DC3
Douglas World Cruiser
Etrick ‘Taube’ Monoplane
First Frameless Parachute
Float Plane, DHC-6 Twin Otter
Ford 4-AT Trimotor
G-21 Goose
Glamorous Glennis
Glider 1853
Glider 2000
Gloster E28/39
Gossamer Albatross
Goupy No. 1 Triplane
Hang Glider
Hawker P1127
Heinkel HE 178
Helicopter, Bell 206
Hot Air Balloon
Hughes H-4 Hercules (Spruce Goose)
Jet Pack/Rocket Belt
Man-Lifting Kite
Model 76 Voyager
Modern Parachute
Opel Rak 1
R100 Airship
Small Wing-Flapping Machine
Solar Riser
SpaceShipOne & White Knight
Spirit of St. Louis
Theoretical Flying Machine
Theoretical Helicopter
Transition (Roadable Aircraft)
Vostock 3KA Spacecraft
Wig (Wing In Ground) Aircraft
Wright Brothers Flyer
Zeppelin Airship

These cards are being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Heritage Playing Card Company.

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