Welsh Highland Railway Dvd: The Works 2006

Special Contributors’ Edition.

A look at this exciting new railway in 2006 including: Beyer Garratts, Prince on the first ever steam train, opening to Rhyd-Ddu and the Superpower Weekend.

This was a railway that never made anyone rich; it closed before the Second World War and by rights ought to have been consigned to memory.

Yet it survived to be rebuilt with the largest 2’ gauge steam engines in the world running over it - South African Garratts!

The ride is great, the scenery is fantastic, the trains are roomy and comfortable, and the staff are friendly.

It is a wonderful railway through the magic scenery of the Snowdonia National Park, right to the foot of the largest mountain in England and Wales.

The Millennium Commission, the European Union and the generosity of many people have combined to revive this great little railway.

This programme tells the amazing story, takes you on to the foot plate of the big little locomotives and on train and lineside to offer a fascinating insight into how the Welsh Highland Railway was rebuilt and what there is to see and do.

It is a wonderful memento of a journey on the line and as well as telling the story in an entertaining way, reveals much interesting information about how the miracle has happened.

You answered the Welsh Highland Railway Phase 4 Appeal – thank you!

We made history through your generosity.

The fund raised more money (over £1 million) quicker than any other in preservation.

There is enough now with private donations, the grants from Welsh Assembly Government, the Wales Tourist Board and others to complete the railway.

So, they are getting on with job and this programme is a unique outline of what is being done.

The first part of the programme is a revised version of the Graham Whistler programme the Welsh Highland Railway.

The Works is an additional programme on the dvd where Mike Hart describes the task at many of the locations between Porthmadog and Rhyd-ddu.

The programme rightly remarks that almost immediately upon issue it will be out of date, as the work is underway and track is being laid.

Enjoy the programme and enjoy contributing to the most exciting restoration project in UK railway preservation.

We all hope you will feel good about having made it possible.

Approx. 90 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Graham Whistler Productions.

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