Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Dvd 

In November 2006 this amazing 2’ narrow gauge railway was filmed in superb weather.

The whole journey is recorded with the usual Graham Whistler Productions quality and informative script.

This is probably the best programme yet made of this World Heritage Railway.

The Monsoon was only just over when this programme was shot in the autumn of 2006.

So the weather was bright, the air was warm and every leaf seemed a vibrant green, to show the amazing Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in unaccustomed glory.

Here is the entertaining, yet detailed exploration of the wonderful sights to be seen.

Included are clear maps, to explain just why the railway is unique and how it manages to climb so high over such difficult terrain with its six reverses and three loops.

Material from three cameras is expertly joined together to follow two special charter and two service steam trains, as well as shots of the diesel service and short steam specials.

All combine to show the unique features of the railway.

There are shots down from high above and scenes of whirling wheels from inches above the ground.

There is stirring steam action with the small blue locomotives straining hard to surmount the gradient and views from right alongside the chuffing beast.

It is an evocative and informative programme, offering excellent entertainment and is probably the best programme yet made of this World Heritage railway.

Approx. 120 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Graham Whistler Productions.

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