Ffestiniog History Dvd 

The first narrow gauge railway, the darling of the Victorians with amazing historic photographs – you need to see more!

This double feature DVD (on one disc) combines two earlier programmes, ‘Letter from Ffestiniog (1998)’and ‘Ffestiniog Gala 40 Years (1995)’ to give a complete history of this most famous of narrow gauge lines.

In 1887 at the height of the Victorian era, the proud owners of the Ffestiniog Railway recorded the wonders of their line for posterity.

In 1998 this unforgettable programme was made when the fact became clear that so many of the shots in photographer R.H. Bleasdale's unique record were perfectly recognisable today.

You will see the transition from the black and white of one hundred years ago to colour on the screen.

The Ffestiniog Railway really is a preserved line with unique items of original equipment still giving service after a century.

This programme takes you up the line and gives viewpoints from the distant past, complete with equipment still at work today - there's nothing else like it anywhere!

The second programme contains come vintage colour footage along with a record of the historic Gala of 1995, where the original equipment was gathered to work rare services as they were long ago.

The celebration had a wartime theme as it was the 40th Anniversary of VE Day and thus many special things happened that will never be repeated as they have passed into history.

Approx. 105 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Graham Whistler Productions.

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