Crewe to Holyhead Cab Ride Dvd 

If you are into modern traction and you want to ride both ways between Crewe and Holyhead, seeing everything as the professional driver sees it, then this is the DVD for you.

Modern Traction, Route Learning & Refresher Cab Ride Crewe to Holyhead Up & Down Lines.

This 2 disc DVD is not just a view from the driver's cab - in fact there are probably better quality track watching programmes of that - if that's all you want!

This is the actual Virgin Trains Route Learning and Refresher programme, made for the line.

It shows you all the speed restrictions and warnings, all the signal numbers, all the tunnels and their lengths and all the crossing and named civil engineering features.

It also has information on the routes through the major junctions.

So if you want to ride both ways between Crewe and Holyhead and see things as the professional driver sees it - this is the programme to watch.

In order to make the journey fit onto two dvd discs, some of the sequences have been speeded up by 25%.

This programme was taken on historic proving runs of a Class 57 and Pendolino set, but in order to cover the signalling changes made in 2005, footage from other train types has been intercut with the original footage.

Approx. 3 hours on 2 discs.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner – Graham Whistler Productions.

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