Farming in the Fifties Dvd

A programme by Totally Archive.

As the name suggests all the footage on this dvd is archive amateur footage.

We do not pad out our dvds with contemporary footage or still photography – all ‘Totally archive’.

All the footage was shot on silent film but we include interesting informative commentary where appropriate.

This footage was shot by a farmer in the 1950s who wanted to make a record of agricultural methods in the fifties.

Not only are there scenes showing crop production and animal farming, but also demonstrations of the latest machinery available by manufacturers and shots taken the large agricultural shows of the time.

It is glorious footage showing pigs being born and reared.

Cows being milked.

Grass being cut and stored for silage.

Potatoes being sown with groups of women harvesting the crop.

Corn being grown and harvested.

Baling Machine.

As well as the more mundane jobs of clearing ditches, trimming hedges and clearing muck. Trips to The Dairy Show at Olympia in 1939.

Plus shots of the Royal Agricultural Show at Bath.

Land Rover demo.

An atmospheric look back at farming methods from over fifty years ago.

This DVD really does take you back to the days when the sun always seemed to shine.

Approx. 59 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Totally Archive.

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