Blank Card: Cross the Atlantic White Star Line

This card is left blank for the addition of your own personal message.

One blank card and one envelope in a cellophane sleeve.

Approx. 21cm x 15cm   (8.25' x 5.75').

'Cross the Atlantic by White Star' - Issued by: Southern Railway, circa 1925.

The British Railway Poster came of age in the years before the First World War and was in its heyday between 1923 and 1947.

On 1st January 1923 one-hundred and twenty-three Railway Companies were grouped together to form the so called 'Big Four' Companies: the Great Western Railway (GWR), London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS), London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) and Southern Railway (SR).

Each of these four companies and many of the former pre-grouped companies developed their own styles in poster work.

Some of the finest artists of the day were employed to portray the delights and temptations which lay beyond the facade of the local station.

The railway poster became a familiar feature of station booking halls and platforms as the companies enticed passengers with an almost endless variety of colourful, evocative images.

The subjects of these colourful posters ranged from the resorts and towns covered by the companies' network, to famous trains and the wider interests of the railway, from beautiful landscapes, sunny beaches and bathing belles, to ships, hotels, cathedrals and streamlined expresses.

Above all the railway posters came to be associated with a world of sunshine, sandy beaches and endless fun.

The image depicted is reproduced from an original railway poster.

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