Union Castle Line in Colour Book

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The Union Castle Line issued many postcards during its existence, the great majority being in black and white and sepia.

However, a large number were in full colour and it is with these that we present a colour tribute to these wonderful ships which were fondly recalled for their lavender-hulled appearance.

They date back to 1903 when Francis Stuart developed a series which were printed in Germany.

This maritime book has over 65 colour views of the Castle liners in all their glory; vessels such as Dunnottar Castle, Arundel Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Winchester Castle and up to date ships such as Windsor Castle and Pendennis Castle.

Book 24.5cm x 19cm - Hardback - 64 Pages - 67 Colour Illustrations.

Armadale Castle
Arundel Castle
Athlone Castle
Avondale Castle
Balmoral Castle
Braemar Castle
Carisbrook Castle
Carnarvon Castle
Dover Castle
Dunbar Castle
Dunluce Castle
Dunnottar Castle
Dunvegan Castle
Durban Castle
Durham Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Galway Castle
Garth Castle
Glengorm Castle
Gloucester Castle
Good Hope Castle
Grantully Castle
Guildford Castle
Kenilworth Castle
Kenya Castle
Kildonan Castle
Kinfauns Castle
Llandaff Castle
Llandovery Castle
Llanstephan Castle
Pendennis Castle
Pretoria Castle
Reinda del Mar
Rothesay Castle
Stirling Castle
Transvaal Castle
Walmer Castle
Warwick Castle
Winchester Castle
Windsor Castle

Author: Barry J Eagles.

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