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This is a major maritime art book devoted exclusively to paintings of great ocean liners of the 20th century.

Most of the paintings reproduced, having never before been published, are part of a collection of modern marine art culled from offices, museums and private houses around the world.

These pictures also provide a record of the age of passenger liner travel which enjoyed its golden period as it was just about to become obsolete in the early 1960s.

The book also relates the stories of the ships and of the companies which operated them, whether they sailed transatlantic, transpacific or east of Suez.

These vessels formed the backbone of the world’s transportation system before the advent of mass air travel.

The talented artists whose work is reproduced here are little known outside maritime circles and it has been the author’s intention to rectify this within the pages.

Here we have fine examples of their work, past and present, with short biographies of their lives and achievements.

The book forms a miniature art gallery within its covers and, as such, is unique.

Author: Kenneth Vard

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