A to Z of Ocean Liners & Cruise Ships Dvd, Parts 1 to 6 – A to Z

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Joe Clark’s Personal A to Z of Ocean Liners & Cruise Ships from the 1920s to the Present Dvds

Parts 1 to 6 - A to  Z (on six discs)

From Joe Clark’s collection of old cine films and video comes a unique record of passenger liners and cruise ships in the twentieth century.

The series features over 240 ships.

From black and white film of pre-war liners.

Through to early colour film from the fifties and sixties.

Concluding with today’s favourite cruise liners.

There is something for all ship enthusiasts.

With over five hours of footage (much of which has never been published before) and an informative commentary from Joe himself, the films will take you on an unforgettable voyage back in time.

The ships are listed in alphabetical order and individually addressable from the dvd menus.

This collector’s edition contains all six discs.

Part 1: A to B

Achille Lauro, Adonia, Aida Avita, Albatross 1957, Albatross 1973, Akaroa, America, Amerikanis, Amsterdam, Andes, Angelina Lauro, Angola Aranda, Arawa, Arcadia 1953, Arcadia 1987, Artemis, Arundel Castle, Ascania, Astor, Astoria, Asuka II, Athena, Atlantic, Atlantica, Aurora, Australis.

Balmoral, Baltonia, Batory, Bergensfjord, Berengaria, Black Prince, Black Watch, Braemar, Brazil Star, Bremen, Brilliance of the Seas & Britannia.

Part 2: C to E

Canberra, Canton, Capetown Castle, Carla Costa, Carnival Celebration, Carnival Destiny, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Glory, Carnival Legend, Carnival Sensation, Caronia 1947, Caronia 1973, Carthage, Cathay, Celebrity Mercury, Chitral 1934, Chitral 1955, Chusan, Cilicia, City of Durban, Club Med II, Columbus C., Conte Biancamano, Constellation, Coral, Coral Princess, Costa Allegra, Cristoforo Columbo, Crystal Symphony, Cunard Countess.

Danae, Dempo, Devonshire, Discovery, Dunnottar Castle.

Edinburgh Castle, Ellinis, Empire Halladale, Empire Fowey, Empire Orwell, Empress of Britain, Empress of Canada, Empress of France, Enrico Costa, Eugenio C, Europa 1928 & Europa 1952.

Part 3: F to N

Fairsea, Fair Sky, Fairstar, Fairwind, Federico C, Festivale, Flavia, France, Franconia, Freewinds.

Galileo Galilei, Giuilo Cesare, Gothic, Gripsholm, Grandeur of the Seas.

Hamburg, Hebridean Princess, Hebridean Spirit, Himalaya.

Iberia, Ilmatar, Independence, Infante dom Henrique, Island Breeze, Island Princess.


Kenya Castle, King Henry, Kungsholm 1952, Kungsholm 1965.

Lakonia, Leonardo da Vinci.

Maasdam, Majestic, Majesty of the Seas, Maloja, Mauretania 1906, Mauretania 1938, Maxim Gorky, Michelangelo, Minerva, Minerva II, Mona Lisa, Mongolia, Monteray, Monte Toledo, MSC Lirica.

Naldera, Navarino, Neptunia, Nevasa, Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Northern Star, Nordic Prince, Norway & Norwegian Crown.

Part 4: O to Q

Oceana, Ocean Monarch, Ocean Village, Odessa, Oranje, Orcades 1936, Orcades 1947, Orford, Oriana 1960, Oriana 1995, Orion, Oronsay, Orontes, Orsova, Otranto, Oxfordshire.

Pacific Princess, Pacifique, Paul Gaugin, Patroclus, Pendennis Castle, President Cleveland, President Wilson, Pretoria Castle, Primaos, Pyrrhus.

Queen Anna Maria, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Frederica, Queen Mary & Queen of Bermuda.

Part 5: R to Z

Rangitiki, Regal Princess, Regina, Reina del Mar, Reliance, Renaissance, Rotterdam, Royal Odyssey, Royal Princess, Royal Star, Ruahine, Ruys.

Sapphire, Safina-E-Hussai, Sagafjord, Saga Rose, Santa Maria, Seabourne Pride, Sea Cloud, Sea Cloud II, Sea Dream II, Sea Princess 1965, Sea Princess 1998, Serenade of the Seas, Seven Seas Navigator, Silver Cloud, Southern Cross, Sovereign of the Seas, Spirit of Adventure, Spirit of London, Splendour of the Seas, Statendam, Stefan Battory, Stella Polaris, Stirling Castle, Strathaird, Stratheden, Strathmore, Strathnaver, Sundream, Sunward II.

Transvaal Castle, Thompson Spirit, Triton.

Uganda, United States.

Vaal, Volkerfreundschaft, Vistafjord, Vulcania.

William Ruys, Wind Star, Windsor Castle, World Discoverer.


Zaandam & Zeeland.

Part 6: Supplementary

Aegean Odyssey, Alunia, Alcantara, Aquamarine, Aquitania, Arandora Star, Arcadia (2010), Asturias, Athelone Castle.

Berlin (1955 & 1982), Blenheim, Brilliance of the Seas.

California, Canopic, Carmania, Celebrity Century, Celebrity Eclipse, Costa Fortuna, Costa Mediterranea, Costa Marina, Costa Pacifica, Costa Serena, Cristal, Crystal Serenity.

Delphin, Duchess of Athol.

Empress of Britain, Espagne, Europa.

France (1910).

Glenartney, Grand Princess, Grand Voyager.

Highland Patriot.

Independence of the Sea, Insignia.

Jan Pietersoon Coen.

Kristina Regina.

Louis Majesty.

Mikhail Kalinen, Monarch of Bermuda, MSC Fantasia, MSC Musica, MSC Opera.

Nautica, Nestor, Normandie, Norwegian Sun.

Oranje, Orient Queen.

Princess Danae, Princess Daphne.

Queen Elizabeth (2010).

Saga Ruby, Sky Wonder, Superstar Gemini, Star Pisces, Sovereign, Switzerland.

Ventura, Vistamar.

Westernland & Winchester Castle.

Approx. 300 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Joe Clark Films.

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