Cab Ride Dvd: March Down Goods Sidings/Doncaster Down Decoy Sidings

A cab ride journey aboard a Class 66 loco of GBRf from March Down Goods Sidings to Doncaster Down Decoy Sidings.

Passing through the following locations:

March East Junction, March, March West Junction, Whittlesea, Fletton Road Junction, Crescent Junction, Peterborough, Spital Junction, New England North Junction, Helpston Junction, Stoke Junction, Stoke Tunnel, Grantham South Junction, Grantham, Grantham North Junction, Peascliff Tunnel, Claypole Loop, Newark South Junction, Newark North Gate, Newark Crossing South Junction, Newark Crossing, Askham Tunnel, Retford South Junction, Retford, Retford Western Junction, Retford North Junction, Loversall Carr Junction, Flyover West Junction & Decoy South Junction.

Terminating at Doncaster Down Decoy Sidings.

Disk 1: March to Claypole Loop.

Disk 2: Claypole Loop to Doncaster Down Decoy Sidings.

This is the Sand Train continuing its journey from Middleton Towers GBRf60.

Approx. 151 minutes.

This dvd is being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - 225 Studios Ltd.

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