By Rail: Example of one of 54 card faces

Including trains, trams, trolleys and cable.

Each day hundreds of millions of people all over the world take a journey by train, tram or trolley as a normal part of their daily lives.

Yet before modern roads existed, it was the problem of how to transport heavy materials, coal or stone for example, over relatively short distances that led to the first primitive ‘waggonways’ or ‘tramways’.

From those early 16th century beginnings this deck of 54 illustrated playing cards follows the fascinating history and development of rail, track and cable transport across the world.

Included in this pack are some of the stranger rail vehicles from the past.

Examples of humans striving to travel ever faster, smoother, further and cheaper.

As well as the breakthrough technologies of steam, diesel, electricity and more.

The 21st century sees rails to be as important as ever as a modern, safe and ‘clean’ method of moving people and goods to their destinations.

Rail transport covers many styles of transport including familiar classics such as the Mallard, the cable car, Amtrak, the mountain railway as well as contraptions like the Diolkos Waggonway used in ancient Greece.

Each card features a different illustration.

These cards are being sold on behalf of and with full permission of the copyright owner - Heritage Playing Card Company.

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